See what Linda Aragoni is going to write next.

You know Linda as the woman who made teaching writing simple: Eight sentences, 34 words simple. Next, she'll make nursing home visits simple.

When she was a teenager, Linda and her mother went each month with a family from their church to hold a "church service" in a nursing home. Years later, Linda's "little, white dog" became the pet visitor at another nursing home. Skipper wagged her tail as Linda dropped by to visit residents.

Linda told her favorite residents that she wanted to write a book on how to visit in a nursing home. Their unanimous reaction was, "Ugh." Then she said the title would be what people said to her when she visited: "Thanks for dropping by." Residents replied, "Now that would be good."

She has teamed up with a former nursing home activities director to develop a set of short, practical, illustrated guides for various types of nursing home visitors: Family members of residents, pastors, and none-of-the-aboves who are willing take time to drop by to cultivate and enjoy friends in a nursing home.

A personal word from Linda about her new adventure

This Drop-By-Guides project will be both a labor of love and a totally new experience. I'll need to learn how to write for people who aren't paid to read my stuff, work with an illustrator, get a publisher (I hope!), market and sell the first book before I can turn around and do it all over again for other books in the planned series. It's going to be fun.

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